Officer Elections

Hey sailors,

I hope your holiday was enjoyable. Before break we held nominations for executive board positions and no one emailed me to un-nominate themselves so let me know if you have a problem with your nomination and I can take you off the ballot.

Commodore: Jack Ammerman
Vice Commodore: Amelia Seelman
Secretary: Andrea Kubicki , Courtney Castelic, Darren Kesti
Treasurer: Jack Ammerman, Andrea Kubicki, Courtney Castelic
Race Team: Joel Florek, Maggie Kloote, Doug Rombach, Tim McElreath
Cruising: Doug Rombach, Joel Florek, Jenny Robinson

We are going to hold elections starting…… now! Please email me your vote for all the positions and voting will close on Friday January 13th at 5:00pm.

Brendan Wolohan

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