Cruising Team Update

Hey Sailors!

With the class ending and the weather getting colder, I think we’re going to change up cruising. We’re going to stop having the regular cruising sessions on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays. If you want to go out cruising, send me or anyone on the eboard an email and we’ll get you out there. That way we don’t have to sit down at the docks for three hours if nobody is coming. I still hope you guys want to get out there a few more times before the snow falls!

-Amelia Seelman
Cruising Team Captain

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Notice of Meeting


Hope you had a long relaxing weekend. We are having a meeting tomorrow, Tuesday September 6 in Wads G41W at 8pm. If you have not paid dues yet please bring it with you ($25 for cruising, $100 for race team). You are not allowed to sail more than twice without paying dues. The topics we will discuss tomorrow are:

-what type of gear you should be wearing sailing
-club shirt ideas: shirt designs, team flannel?
-logging hours
-break into cruising and race team, cruisers will learn how to practice tacking on shore and racers will talk about the upcoming regattas and practice times

Hope to see everyone there!
-Amy Saelen
Sailing Club Secretary

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Memorial Day in Bayfield

Arbitrage is wondering if anyone would like to race with them May 28th-29th for the Bayfield Memorial Day Regatta. I’m not sure how many people they’d like to crew but if you’re interested tell me or call Mike Meyers at xxx-xxx-xxxx


Eryn Grupido

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Election Results

At the MTU Sailing Club meeting on Monday, May 4, 2011 elections were held for the MTU Sailing Club Executive Board for the coming year.
The results are as follows:

Commodore – Jack Ammerman

Vice Commodore – Amelia Seelman

Treasurer – Courtney Castelic


Race Team Captain – Tim McElreath

Cruising Captain – Douglass Rombach and Jennifer Robinson

Congratulations to all, and good luck in the coming year!

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Sailing for PE credit

We’re putting together a sailing gym class for next fall and need a list of who wants it to count as a 0.5 credit for PE. Please let Amy know ASAP if you want to participate, email (even if you’ve already told her in person, email again so she knows for sure).

NOTE – Participation as a co-curricular is completely optional; you can still be part of the sailing club without receiving gym credit for it. It is not required.

WHAT– Earn 0.5 PE credit, this co-curricular is NOT repeatable.

COST – Tuition for 0.5 credit will be charged to students wanting to earn co-curricular credit for the class.

REQUIREMENTS – A minimum of 21 hours over a 7 week period must be performed by each individual in order to receive credit (this can include practices and regattas). It is NOT to be completed in less than 7 sessions. A failing grade will be given to students not meeting the required number of hours.

WHEN – Whenever you can sail! For those of you that would like to race, as of now, practice times will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays from 3:30-6:30pm. If you are not interested in racing, there will be sailing on Saturdays and possibly a different weekday, depending on the number of people interested.

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