If you are interested in going to Chicago for the Strictly Sail Boat show and Midwinters conference let me know asap. We want a definite answer from all who is going to know how many rooms we have to book. We will be booking rooms Friday, Jan 13, so whoever has RSVP’d by then will have to pay their way regardless of backing out unfortunately.

Thanks guys,

Brendan C Wolohan


Hey sailors,

I hope your holiday was enjoyable. Before break we held nominations for executive board positions and no one emailed me to un-nominate themselves so let me know if you have a problem with your nomination and I can take you off the ballot.

Commodore: Jack Ammerman
Vice Commodore: Amelia Seelman
Secretary: Andrea Kubicki , Courtney Castelic, Darren Kesti
Treasurer: Jack Ammerman, Andrea Kubicki, Courtney Castelic
Race Team: Joel Florek, Maggie Kloote, Doug Rombach, Tim McElreath
Cruising: Doug Rombach, Joel Florek, Jenny Robinson

We are going to hold elections starting…… now! Please email me your vote for all the positions and voting will close on Friday January 13th at 5:00pm.

Brendan Wolohan


A ranking of Midwest Collegiate Sailing Teams released this week puts the Michigan Tech Sailing Team at #8 in the Midwest. This puts Michigan Tech ahead of regional powerhouses Michigan (#9), Ohio State(#10), Purdue(#14), and rival Northern Michigan(#18).

The rankings were produced by, an online sailing information database that examines sailing in the state of Michigan, in an attempt to gain more recognition for competitive sailing teams in the midwest.

See here for the rest of the rankings.


Hey Sailors!

With the class ending and the weather getting colder, I think we’re going to change up cruising. We’re going to stop having the regular cruising sessions on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays. If you want to go out cruising, send me or anyone on the eboard an email and we’ll get you out there. That way we don’t have to sit down at the docks for three hours if nobody is coming. I still hope you guys want to get out there a few more times before the snow falls!

-Amelia Seelman
Cruising Team Captain



Hope you had a long relaxing weekend. We are having a meeting tomorrow, Tuesday September 6 in Wads G41W at 8pm. If you have not paid dues yet please bring it with you ($25 for cruising, $100 for race team). You are not allowed to sail more than twice without paying dues. The topics we will discuss tomorrow are:

-what type of gear you should be wearing sailing
-club shirt ideas: shirt designs, team flannel?
-logging hours
-break into cruising and race team, cruisers will learn how to practice tacking on shore and racers will talk about the upcoming regattas and practice times

Hope to see everyone there!
-Amy Saelen
Sailing Club Secretary